The Judge Details

Image Competition and club management program for small and large clubs.
Over 80 Features available in this program, no wonder Judges and club members love it. See at the end the latest additions this year.

The latest additions are that it can use 1, 3, 4 or 5 Judges.
The score range can be any combination using the keypads.
The score can be summed or averaged.
On line Judging.
Camera club Council hosting competitions.
All this by user settings

1. Only ONE PERSON and ONE PC are needed for the competition
2. A preview, judging scoring management and award calculations is done by one person only.
3. Everything is automatic with many options.
4. Operator just clicks menus or arrows.
5. This program is Glitch free.
6. It is fast and will reduce time during setup of competition and in the competition itself.
7.  Preparation from submission to competition night is 2 clicks.
8. No need to sort files or directories.
9. No computer tech or computer experience needed.
10. It is menu driven & easy to operate.
11. Plenty of ‘How to’ in the screens.
12. Everything is screen guided, just click your selections.
13. The previews or run-throughs are totally setup by the software. No user interaction.
14. It handles digital and print competitions.
15. Unlimited numbers of member or competition entries are available.
16. Members can send their submission via website or email with manual entry option available.
17. Can Create up to 18 active competitions and can have unlimited inactive competitions.
18. Competitions can be activated or deactivated by the operator anytime.
19. The order of the competitions is customizable.
20. Members can have individual classes for those competitions that are not defaulted to one class.
21. Members can have multiple classes, not just B or A, But could have B in Print and an in Digital.
22. Handles make-ups. The makeup rules can be turned on or be turned off.
23. Judging competition can be done by 1 or 3 judges.
24. Can handle projector and monitor combinations with optional splitter, as it is run from one PC only.
25. Judging can be done with any PC keypads, even wireless.
26. Setup for competition takes less than 3 minutes; images sorting & setup for the competition is fully automatic.
27. No ‘User’ interaction to create all sorted process and competition displays.
28. There are many emails and reports for member communications, some fully automatic.
29. Submissions summaries are sent to members with thumb images, via email with minimal interaction.
30. Competition results with awards and images are sent to members in different formats, via email.
31. Image files names are never seen or handle after collected from the website.
32. ‘Comments’ requests are seen in the screen by club policy.
33. The thumb drive to send to other competitions is setup automatically.
34. There are 2 types of thumb drives preparation: 1 All Submissions 2 just winners.
35. You can export results to spreadsheets.
36. The naming of the files with $ sign in their naming is setup internally, so members do not have to add it to the files names.
37. Members can submit files with a name of their choice in their submissions.
38. The system will print the labels for the PRINTS submissions, so members just bring the prints.
39. It creates worksheets for supervision of competition.
40. The program can print the self-stick labels for the submissions of prints from the members, for clarity.
41. The competition menu order if fully customizable by the operator and be done anytime.
42. Judges press only one key in the keypad; no need to press ‘enter or return’.
43. The .5 option like 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, and 9.5 is available in the scoring process.
44. The .5 option requires only one key to be entered by the judges.
45. There is an option for judges to practice the keypads, prior competition.
46. Award & maker announcement by PC voice, optional.
47. The Award default is 1st and 2nd, but operator can add 3rd and Mention Awards.
48. Print Award Certificates for all participating members at the end of the year.
49. Yearly results of awards and score averages summary are stored and kept.
50. Many reports are available for ‘Year End Competition.
51. Competitions can be multiple duplicate awards or Tie Breaks type, for just single award.

52. Competition images are archived and viewed in the future.
53. Preparation for the next competition and setup folders for the next season is fully automatic.
54. Preservation of complete year competition & club is created without user interaction.
55. Optional banking, income, expenses & inventory tracking.
56. Backup options to external drives, by menu driven. Easy to do.
57. Many features are available just before the competition.
58. Features like ‘showing’ last month winners or ‘advertising’ slides as in the movies.
59. There are many more details during setup and operations.
60. There is a form for judging independent competitions in special judging circumstances.
61. There are many ways to review the data, like after loading submissions.
62. Competition results can be reviewed during night competition or after.
63. Images are archived after each competition and resides in the club PC.
64. It keeps track of visiting judges, as the data can be used for special scoring.
65. The system also track the judges sent to other clubs.
66. It allows for ‘Judges Choice award’ and track judges name.
67. There are options for reviewing images for critique or study in the archives.
68. You can use your own web site for submissions.
69. Optional scripts are available to place in your own web site.
70. Members can enter manually or can be imported via spreadsheets.
71. Keeps track of high scores and rank scores.
72. Option to print the labels for the award ribbons with the choice of portrait or landscape.
73. Optional display in different type of projections based on display area. Projectors or monitors.
74. Inter-club competition type. Lots of fun in this competition. Fully automated and lots of sounds.
75. Website interaction with just one click. Reports, Images and image description/awards with just 1 click. Yes, just a click.
76. Combine competition classes under one competition type and get full score.
Case Competition “Digital One” have 3 classes B, A and AA.
The judges will score all classes at once. Click results and all classes will
sorted, separated and awarded based on their own class
77. Select score range like from 6 to 10 with .5 or 5 to 9 with .5
78. Scores can added or averaged. So 3 judges with 7, 8 & 9 can be 24 or 8 result
79. The awards now can be awarded with Merits and not 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
80. The council competition can have ‘Tie Breaking’
81. Now you can select 4 and 5 judges for all competitions or select 4 for one and five for others.
82. Online Competition Judged. Have members upload images like any other competition and 3 judges from around the world, can score those images. A couple of clicks and the scores are in the competition. Finish like any other competition type.

You have to see a demonstration to see all the features not mentioned over here.
We can arrange a cyber-demonstration, just let us know
Website and domain setup is available.
We can customize the program to fit the way you run your competition.
If any additional questions, please contact us.