Compudata Group Makers of THE JUDGE a Camera Club Competition App

Compudata Group is located at 7365 Main St, Suite 154. Stratford CT.
Our Phone No is 203-913-2616 and email sales@compudatagroup.com

We create Apps for your business or operation, the way you work. Totally Customized.
Lots of attention is placed on details and ways to simplify the operations.
Training and support is part of our customization and development; a great deal of resources are used to provide assistance to every person’s abilities and needs involved in the use of our programs. We have been customizing software programs since the 80’s.
Just introduced, Photo Club Image competition App. “The Judge”. Please see under PRODUCTS our latest software for all photo clubs that have digital image and print competitions. This software is totally customized and very easy to use.

Our interest is to make your work simpler and faster.                                                                 We have the most important ingredients for programming; Experience, Expertise and Understanding, so as we listen to our customers and develop apps, we are able to fully automate their task and make the operation work with less effort.

We want to be your company for all your computer tasks.
The service we provide is fast and dependable plus we have very reasonable prices.
Please contact us for more details.