Developed by Compudata Group:

Our latest App, “The Judge”. It is a Camera Club Competition program with the most automation in the market.
The simplest to use with the most features.
Best for performing competitions of images and prints in your camera club.
It reduces most of the preparation during submission and loading, saving lots of time.
It is all menu driven, so there in no need for computer expertise.
The NEW price of this product is $250.00 US.
Plus we are including for free, loading your members to the program for the first time.
Website hosting from $25/year.

Moving Company Management
This program will facilitate the process of moving companies.
This program will simplify the moving company daily tasks,
Very easy to use. It is totally customizable.
Please contact us for more detail. The price of this program starts at $ 3,500 US.

Monuments and inscriptions for Funeral Directors & Stone Manufacturer.
There are 3 versions of this product:
1 Complete management for the Funeral Director in processing the sale of monuments and inscriptions.
2 Sales control for the Stone Manufacturer of orders, either from customers or Funeral Directors.
3 On line design of the monument, ready to send to manufacturer
Prices must be quoted, please contact us.

Lottery Game Card Tickets Sales Control
This utility will help the owner who sells lottery games tickets.
It tracks cards and manage the purchase and sale of those lottery tickets.
It can handle most US states.
It can use any kind of Barcode reader. Prize is $ 195.00.