The JUDGE Benefits

Why THE JUDGE is the best camera club competition software?

Here is why:
It has the most benefits and advantages over any other program in the market.
Because It is faster and well organized, your competitions will run smooth and with no interruptions.
The operator, judges and the members will appreciate such performance.
Because it is fully menu driven, the operator will be ready to use it quickly and with little effort.
For the same reason, anyone in the club can operate it.
This program does not require any one to know about files, the system does it for the operator.
The judges will appreciate the point five (.5) option in scoring, giving them more flexibility.
One of the reasons is hard to get help in the club, is because most competition system requires lots or preparation and time. Members do not want spend days working, they want to take pictures.
THE JUDGE eliminates that issue of preparation, instead of hours of file handling, it reduces the process to a just few minutes.
A common complaint of members is that they do not receive enough information in their submissions;
THE JUDGE provides plenty of emails sent, keeping the members fully informed.
Time saving? Check this: Preparation for 150 entries, in average computer, takes just 4 minutes, while you drink coffee or tea.
The time wasted before competition in preparing the prints, are practically eliminated. No work at all.
At present must programs requires manual calculations or manual scores to be entered in spread sheets; Or at least the results and awards.
THE JUDGE makes it happens directly from the scores of the judges, right into the program with no one writing or calculating anything. Accuracy and speed at its best, eliminating errors. More time for the members to socialize or talk about photography.
By the way, a significant benefit for the operator, he does not have to add the awards. They are added.
One of the issues that operators faces, is that after the competition, starts the tedious task of archiving and setup for the next competition; this program will take care of sending emails with results, file archiving and files preparation for external competitions.
This work is reduced to just a few clicks and the same time the system will set itself ready for the next competition.
The latest addition to make life even simpler, now with just one click and result reports with awards or report with winning images are sent to the website; ONE CLICK.
Also with just one click, winning images are sent to be displayed in a thumbnail/slideshow page with Competition Type, Award, Name and title description. One click and no typing!!!!
An advantage of a fully automated system is that the operator will not forget any steps, THE JUDGE will do all the needed steps and processes.
The club and the operator will have the opportunity to function in a variety of circumstances because THE JUDGE is very flexible as it has many customizable options, not like many other programs that are very inflexible and you have to mold to them.
The operator will have more time to take pictures instead of dealing with the club competition!

The best way to see all the options is at ‘options pages’, more that 70; so far.
Note: The videos, do not show all those new features. Please contact us for a full demo on line.